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My Goldens Diet...... the BARF way! 



My goldens diet consists of fresh good quality meat with pulped vegetables and fruit and lots of raw meaty bones. I add just a few extra essential ingredients too.

I have a sample diet for you too! Scroll down and read it ALL!


The meat I use is usually ox cheek or beef ,but you can also use fish, poultry, lamb and rabbit. I do add sardines to their meal about once a week. Organ meat should also be included at least once a week I usually add liver or a lambs heart. Too much can cause a loose stool. My meat is minced because it is easier to add the raw pulped vegetables.


Raw edible bones are are very nutritious, they exercise the teeth, jaw and intestine. They offer a high level of natural calcium and the cartilage  nutrients are very valuable to our dogs diet . I use chicken backs, chicken necks, lambs necks and large marrow bones, which are sliced down the middle and then again into 3 which gives me 6 servings of bones. Beef bones often called soup bones) are good too. Lamb flaps I also use but I tend to cut of alot off the fat if there is too much.

Raw bones provide marrow, which has amino acids,  essential fatty acids, fibre, enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. The meat provides the protein. Bones make our dogs happy!


Virtually any vegetable can be used as long as it is in a vitamised or pulp form. Dogs can not digest whole vegetables. I use carrots, silver beet, parsley, celery, cauliflower broccoli and also apples. Other fruits can also be used. Together with these I use ginger and garlic. The ginger and garlic contain nutrients and have an anti-inflammatory action. Ginger is a good anti-oxidant. 

I pulp my vegies with a juicer. Mix the juice with the pulp. And store I mix up different vegetables together and the freeze in smaller daily amounts. I add garlic to some of the veggie mix and ginger to some so I am not feeding garlic and ginger every day. Don't through away your broccoli or cauliflower stems add these to and keep the tops for your self. 




To help our dogs cope with the environmental toxins and other stresses of our modern world we need to add a few extras.

I use kelp and alfalfa. This mixture has all the essential vitamins and minerals you dog needs I use it in a powder form.

Kelp also contains iodine and has anti cancer, anti rheumatic and anti inflammatory properties. It also has antibiotic action against gram-negative and gram-negative bacteria. Alfalfa is a general tonic to detoxify the body and treat the colon and bleeding disorders, ,diabetes, ulcers and arthritis. Use equal amounts mixed together. Store in an air tight glass jar in a dark cupboard.



EFA'S must be fed raw and unheated. Heat, light and oxygen turn these to rancid fats which are toxins. Flaxseed oil, fish oil and eggs are a good source of the omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseed oil also contains omega-6 essential fatty acids.

Store your oils in the fridge and shake gently before using. Cod liver oil can be given also but if raw liver is being fed you wont need it. Also the sunlight provides  A & D vitamins, so sometimes in the winter a cod liver additive is useful. 

Sample Diet For A Golden Retriever

Based on the average weight for a golden which is for Dogs 32-37 kgs and for Bitches 27-32 kgs.

Raw meat:   1 1/4 to  2 cups of muscle meat, plus organ meat or egg. (depending on the dogs weight and energy requirements.)

Bone:       4-6 chicken necks or 1- 2 chicken backs

Vegies:  4-6 tablespoons pulped ( this is in their finest most concentrated form. Add more if only vitamised)

Kelp/Alfalfa: 1 teaspoons of the powders combined. I by alfalfa from www.greenpet.com 

EFA'S:  2-3 teaspoons 

Vitamin C: up to 4,000 - 6,000 mg. (Depending on bowel tolerance.)

Yogurt :  very important to add to the meal. It has good bacteria for the stomach.

Your dog may require more or less of these suggested amounts. You must judge for yourself. You should be able to feel your dogs rib cage as a gauge to his ideal weight.

Other Additives: Sometimes in times of stress your dog may require added Vitamin B. Vitamin E can be used as the anti aging vitamin, it is a powerful anti-oxidant good for disease resistance and healthy reproduction, but as it is a fat soluble vitamin don't over do it. Once a week is enough unless the dog is unwell and then he needs more. Cod Liver oil (contains A & D vitamins) may be required also especially in the winter. Liver contains these naturally.  A , D and E vitamins are fat soluble and can be toxic if overdosed. 

If your dog is getting a diet rich in natural vitamins then you shouldn't require too many extras.

You can alternate your meat meals with just a meal of necks or backs if you want. 

BARF Sales Victoria:

To make life easier for anyone who wants to buy the patties already made  up contact Ann York on 03 9787 2112 or 0421 737 674 www.barfvictoria.com.au 

Anne can deliver a BARF diet right to your front door.


Vets All Natural

Vets All Natural is a dry product that can be used as an alternative to the raw diet above. I use it and highly recommend it. Sometimes when I run out of vegies or just for a change I find it very good. The ingredients are air dried at or below body temperature to prevent any thermal damage to proteins, vitamins and enzymes. The powder is soaked for some time then mixed with raw meat to form 100% fully balanced preservative and additive free and completely natural raw food diet for dogs. 

Dr Bruce Syme, a Melbourne Veterinarian , spent many years researching this product. He is just one of a growing number of Vets who advocate the feeding of Natural Food Diets for dogs and cats.

For more information on this product, where to get it from and you can order on line,  go to:



Soon I will have a suggested Puppy meal for you to see!!


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