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With more than 3.5 billion fans worldwide, football is without a doubt the most popular sport in the world. This sport has gained a lot of recognition and appreciation because it is easy to play, exciting, and makes people feel good. It is also widely mediated, which is why anyone can access it. The position of women in this heavily masculinized sport is debatable as well; there are not enough of them in soccer, but those who do make it are now regarded as icons and have accomplished a great deal in the industry. Let us explore the role of women in this sport and take a look at some of their most noteworthy accomplishments, history, and most watched competitions.

A Brief Review of Football’s History

A Brief Review of Football's History

Football is an ancient sport with a fascinating past. Although “modern football” as we know it today dates back to the 19th century, it was first played in towns and villages during the Middle Ages, when “folk football” games were played under loose rules and in accordance with regional traditions.

In actuality, the game of “folk football” was created by ancient Mesoamerican societies more than 3,000 years ago, even before the term became popular. They used to play those ball games with a rock for a ball. The game changed over time to accommodate the many cultures it encountered; the Aztecs, for instance, called this game “tchatali,” and different iterations of it were played throughout wide areas. Ancient soccer games included spiritual rites in which the losing team’s captain was offered up to the gods and the ball represented the sun. Sounds terrific nowadays, huh? If you’re more of a modern football fan, then you’ll be interested in knowing how to download 1xBet app for Android in order to bet on soccer.

But in the third and second centuries BC, in China, a ball game known as “cuju”—which also involved kicking the ball—was invented and became the first official ball game in history. This was a sport that was played on a square field with a ball and then spread throughout Asia. Later on, a modified version of this sport called “kemari”—played in ceremonial contexts—spread to Japan. Subsequently, the game made its way to Rome and Greece, where it quickly gained popularity. Numerous experts assert that soccer was eventually introduced to the British by Roman culture. Regrettably, industrialization led to a decrease in free time, which resulted in legal restrictions on certain types of “folk football,” undermining the popularity of the game starting in the early 1800s. After a while, the game gained popularity once more after the English Football League, the first of many professional soccer associations, was established in 1888.  

How Did Women Integrate the Sport?

The Liangjiang Women’s Physical Education Institute in Shanghai, China, is where women played football for the first time in history in 1924. It is important to note that women have only recently been integrated into the industry, over a century after the sport was officially founded. Since then, women’s soccer has gradually spread to other nations, though not without issues and awkward circumstances. The real explosion of women’s football, however, occurred in the early 1980s, still in China. Following the formation of the first all-female professional soccer team In 1979, teams in various provinces began to employ a similar tactic; they were sponsored by regional commissions. The first national women’s soccer league was formally established in 1981 and consisted of about ten teams. Women were welcomed and introduced to the football industry, but their success was short-lived as other clubs, leagues, and players did not take them seriously. Because women’s football is not an Olympic sport and many women’s teams were deemed “unprofessional,” they were not allowed to participate in certain official events.

The government became interested in this sector of the economy and gave women’s soccer the same treatment as men’s, especially after the sport was added to the 1996 Olympics. As time went on, the Chinese women’s soccer team continued to perform admirably at international competitions like the Beijing Asian Games. The government covered the provision of finances, training, and administration for the team, which was just incredible at the time. Under the supervision of managers, the women’s national team trained for up to ten hours a day, six days a week, and they could not have asked for more dedication to their sport at the time. You can download 1xBet app for Android and dedicate your time to betting on soccer too!

Inspired by the men’s national soccer team’s 1966 FIFA World Cup victory, the Women’s Football Association was founded in 1969 in an attempt to formalize women’s football. Women were eager to join the community and showed even greater interest in this sport as a result of the men’s team’s success. Similar to China, women were repeatedly prohibited from competing in soccer tournaments organized by the British, but they repeatedly demonstrated their strength and power.  In 1972, England played its first international match in Scotland. The team overcame a two-goal deficit to defeat their opponents 3–2, with England’s first international goal coming from Sylvia Gore. 

Notable Achievements and Popular Tournaments

In terms of women’s soccer, there are many noteworthy accomplishments throughout history; they have greatly influenced this industry and have persevered through difficult times. However, we have compiled a list of some of the most notable ones; let’s discover them! 

  • The 2022 women’s Euro victory: When discussing women’s soccer accomplishments, this event is most likely the first that comes to mind. This occurred during the soccer match that was played on July 31, 2022, at Wembley Stadium in London, England, to decide the winner of the Women’s Euro.  Nobody will ever forget this historic triumph in football history as the Lionesses defeated Germany 2-1 to claim the title of 2022 Women’s Euro winners for the first time. 
  • Olympic performance of the women’s football team in 2012: Great Britain’s women’s football team was incredibly successful during the 2012 Olympics. Many people associate these Olympic games with other sports and big victories, but the women’s team went on to inspire countless girls and women to follow their passions and carry on playing soccer. It was the first time that women could compete in the Olympics, and it left a lasting impression on women’s soccer history. 
  • Hope Powell: Hope Powell was a football coach who achieved a significant goal in women’s football history as the first female coach of the England women’s national team. Prior to her arrival, the women’s team received far less attention than the male teams and was viewed as unprofessional. The players had to work full-time jobs in addition to playing soccer for the team since there was no financial support for them. By allowing them to sign contracts and assisting them in becoming full-time football players, she was able to help more players become a part of the team and improve their lives. 

Top 3 Women in Football and Their Achievements

Top 3 Women in Football and Their Achievements

After familiarizing yourself with the history of women in soccer, allow us to present to you a selection of the top female players worldwide. These women have forged their own paths through history and have achieved legendary status in their fields. Let us examine them and their accomplishments. 

#1 Marta Vieira da Silva, Brazil

Brazil is renowned for producing some of the greatest and most driven football players of all time, both in terms of male and female players. This woman is a soccer genius who has amazed countless soccer fans with her incredible dribbling abilities. Her perfect vision allows her to make incredibly precise goals, and her relentless drive to succeed allows her to score them. Her skills are unquestionable. 

In addition to winning the Golden Ball and Golden Boot at the 2007 Women’s World Cup and holding the record for most goals scored in the competition with 15, Marta is well-known for winning the Fifa Female World Player of the Year five times in a row. 

#2 Michelle Akers, USA

Another amazing legend in the world of women’s football is Michelle Akers, who is frequently referred to as “a lethal striker.” She made history in 1991 when she scored twice in the inaugural Women’s World Cup final, including the game-winning goal in the last seconds of a 2-1 victory over Norway. Her life, however, drastically altered upon receiving a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome along with several other health problems. Following that, she made the decision to switch to a defensive midfield role. Along with Sun Wen, a Chinese soccer player, Michelle was named Fifa’s female player of the 20th century, which is another fascinating fact to keep in mind.

#3 Mia Hamm, USA

Mia Hamm is an extremely talented and well-liked soccer player. She is renowned for being the first female football player to achieve international stardom. Her highlight reel included winning the World Cup in 1991 and 1999 after converting a penalty in the final shootout, as well as the Olympic gold medals the U.S. national team won in 1996 and 2004. In the beginning of the 21st century, she was named FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year (2001 and 2002.) Frequently regarded as the greatest female soccer player in history, she is regarded as a hero. During her 17 years as a member of the U.S. women’s national soccer team, she amassed one of the largest fan bases of any American football player.  



In conclusion, we can state that women’s football careers were not always straightforward and that many obstacles had to be overcome before they could achieve success and recognition. Having to deal with not being able to play football and not having the same rights as men in this sport was difficult. Nevertheless, despite all the challenges, women in football have persevered and developed into one of the largest and most influential football communities globally. In modern football, women are accepted on a large scale, as evidenced by the creation of multiple teams, adequate funding, and professional attention. Numerous women have left their mark on football history, and they will always be remembered. 



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